Our ability to understand the whole building process is what seperates Smith Miller from other design firms. We understand the fundamental importance of incorporating energy saving measures and sustainable design practices into all of our disciplines and can offer a full range of design expertise.


With a firm understanding of our client's project goals, we engage in analyzing the economically and technically feasible alternatives for the building systems. Our analytical methods vary from project to project but typically include life-cycle analysis, energy modeling, daylight modeling, cost estimating, DOE2 analysis and general engineering calculations. 


In today’s climate, we often hear of projects being designed and built green to lighten their footprint on the environment, mitigate the effects of climate change, and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Green building involves many factors such as renewable energy, access to mass transportation, recycling, reusing brownfield sites, reducing water use, using sustainable materials from local sources, and life cycle analysis.


Our professionals maintain a thorough understanding of the LEED™ rating system. SMA frequently uses these rating systems during our project planning efforts to monitor our compliance with the project's sustainability goals. 


Our Services include;

Systems DesignEnergy Assessments. Energy Modeling. Fesability Studies. System Life Cycle Cost Analsis. LEED Services. Renewable Energy Opportunities. Day-lighting studies. Indoor Air Quality Studies. Utility Rebates & Grants.Federal Tax Credit. Solar SREC's. Etc.


Systems We Have Designed;

Photo Voltaic Solar. Thermal Solar. Geothermal. Gogeneration plants. Demand Control Ventilation. Chilled Beams. Energy Recovery. Passive Ventilation. Underfloor Air Distribution. Ice & Thermal Storage.


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