Building commissioning is a joint team effort to ensure that all equipment, controls and systems function together properly to meet the design intent and to document system performance parameters for fine tuning of control sequences and operational procedures.


The commissioning process encompasses and coordinates the traditionally separate functions of system documentation, equipment start up, control system calibration, testing and balancing, training, and performance testing. The commissioning team is made up of the commissioning agent and representatives from the owner, engineer, major equipment suppliers, controls vendor, and sub contractors. 

Smith Miller Associates (SMA) commissioning team includes professional engineers and technicians with extensive experience in construction administration, operations and maintenance, and building automation systems. These hands-on experiences constructing and maintaining buildings systems give an owner's perspective that we incorporate into our commissioning approach. We apply this perspective to all commissioning activities including site visits, functional performance testing observations, and owner training. We focus on a life-cycle approach and ways in which a building's owner can sustain the benefits of our effort.


SMA also offers extended commissioning services in support of LEED certification. SMA commissioning services are not limited to HVAC systems only. SMA provides commissioning services for Plumbing, Fire Protection as well as Electrical systems as well. SMA can provide commissioning services either as an Independent Commissioning Authority or through a combined Design/Commission project approach. 


Commissioning Benefits• SUPPORT a team approach, FACILITATE construction coordination, REDUCE change orders • OPTIMIZE equipment performance, IMPROVE the quality of systems, MINIMIZE energy use • TRAIN maintenance staff and ENHANCE operation and maintenance capabilities • REDUCE the life-cycle cost of building ownership and SUSTAIN property values.

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